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Jeff Hedberg & C11


Jeff Hedberg & C11 is a 12-piece, Chicago-based jazz ensemble, founded and lead by jazz vocalist/trumpeter and Blujazz Recording Artist, Jeff Hedberg. The group, formed in April 2008, performs jazz in the West Coast "Cool" style. C11 focuses on preserving, through performance, the masterful "Dek-tette" arrangements that come from the pen of Marty Paich. The band features many of the top soloists, section players and freelance artists that reside in the Chicagoland area. Including (but not limited to) Jeff Hedberg, Rich Moore, Ian McGarrie, Ted Hogarth, Lisa Taylor, Steve Duncan, Rich Armandi, Joe Lill, Nick Drozdoff, Ken Spurr, Joe Policastro and Darren Scorza.

Looking for C11 Recordings?

JH & C11 - Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town

JH & C11 - Nice Work if You Can Get It

Violets for Your Furs

JH & C11 - Take the A Train

What's Jeff up to?

Gearing up for the Premier of Thomas, Hedberg & Allgood @ Winter's Jazz Club! 

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